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Report - Spruce Court, Manchester/Salford 05/14


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Visit the roof of some high rise flats in Salford, visit with a friend. I apologies in advance for some of the images, i'm just getting used to my new slr! My first PROPER report as my last one was a bit... sh*t in all honesty.

I have been waiting for a dry night to climb this as i noticed it around 2 week ago and my friend lives in this block! the first wall to climb was the hardest part of the whole thing and that wasnt hard at all!


This is a view of a metal girder type thing from the top to the bottom of building. my ass was wobbling a bit to say the least!


Here is a street view where you can slightly make out the Maccies in the bottom right and the betham tower/hilton hotel in the back.


Typical Salford, a Police van in a rush with its lights on.. with a bit of construction around the edges.


Here is me being a bit of a hardman. sitting on the edge feeling so free and ontop!!


last but not least, a shaky image but decent view like.


Thanks for looking :Not Worthy



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Re: Manchester/Salford high rise flats. 05/14

Is this the one that Tweek posted a couple of months back? If so, he probably has a bit of history or a name to go against it, take a look :)


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Re: Manchester/Salford high rise flats. 05/14

Nice stuff mate, can't beat a bit of high stuff at night :thumb

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