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Report - SSI Power Station, Redcar - Jan 16


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Explored with @Raz & a none member
SSI power station is a self sufficient power station located close to the Blast furnace. It supplies power for the whole site by using by products from both the coke ovens and the blast furnace. The station itself is made up of 3 large boilers and 6 turbines.
The Explore; From Dusk till Dawn
In very early December, Myself and Raz pulled a stealth mission for the blast furnace and succeeded. Little did we know that not 500 ft from where we had entered the furance there was a full power station. So the minute we found out about it, we formed a plan.
Learning from our previous experience, we parked a lot closer then before after having to walk for 45 mins back to the car on the last explore, but we used the same entrance. Once we were on site, it was a performance im sure the Navy Seals would have been pround of, covering massive distances in short bursts keeping to the shadows. We stopped for a quick cig sat in one of the lorries scattered around the site and i was educating the lads about these vehicles as i work in the HGV industry.
Out of the truck and back to sneaking around, we made for what turned out to be the coke ovens.

Up one of the sawn off stair cases and into the belly of the beast using the ovens themselves as a fast track towards the building we had now identified as the Power station



Once we left the reletive safety of the ovens, it was back the good old game of sneaking around. We made it to the side of some huge locomotives which i am 100% gutted i didnt get a shot of, when a van comes flying round. Thats when the snow started, so we took cover underneath a bit bit of scrap iron.

Once the van had passed and the snow had baited a little, we were off again. This time not stopping until we made it to the shadows surrounding the power station. After a quick discussion and a rather dangerous climb; We were in
















Not overly thrilled with my pics or the fact that i missed the control room but hey - Always next weekend eh?

On the way out, with our heads bigger than the turbines, disaster struck.
A jeep pulled round a corner not 100ft away and we were forecesd to dive for the floor as the jeep came to an abrupt halt. After what seemed like an age, it started to move and we legged it - Not stopping untill we were back on the sandy beaches.
We arrrived at 11pm and finally left at 5.30 am, having been up for work since 5am the previous day, by the time i got home at 7.30am i was well and truly buggered.
Hope you enjoyed
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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
A lot of work without the tripod, which I suck at if you cant tell :p Although in all honesty I was a bit on edge in the turbine hall lol.

Cheers matey, cant wait to see your report :thumb
No Tripod ? why not ? (come out well then considering) Just do what @Raz did and make me climb with his as well as mine :confused:

We were relaxed inside......until we saw all the activity outside :eek:

And i don"t think we need another report from here do we ??


28DL Regular User
Regular User
No Tripod ? why not ? (come out well then considering) Just do what @Raz did and make me climb with his as well as mine :confused:

We were relaxed inside......until we saw all the activity outside :eek:

And i don"t think we need another report from here do we ??
That's fking grated flooring does my head in. Not tripod friendly at all. Lol

Haven't even spoken to Raz about what happened so care to inform? What was going on?

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