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Report - St. Agnes Church and School Detroit, Mi January 2012


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I took these this past Sunday.

The Church was finished in 1924 but I couldn't find out the finish date of the school. The materials would indicate they were built at the same time. Also there are three main buildings connected by a tunnel that link the church to the school and boiler room.

I didn't get a chance to run the tunnel from the church to the boiler room as there was a group or 'tourists', hood tourists making all kinds of noise and the cops rolled by a few times.

I was able to rescue some original blue prints that were stashed in the basement of the rectory. I normally don't take ANYTHING but I was able to get the prints to a very thankful Detroit Historical Society connection I have.


The school is to the right of the church.





The last two shots were from the organ balcony, the scrappers have made quick work of the organ pipes and other precious metals.


Stairs leading to said balcony





The basement of the church is showing A LOT of water damage.



A stage in the basement

Here are some shots from inside the school.







From the roof of the school



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