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Report - St Andrew's Dock, Pump House, Hull - April 2012

Nite Owl

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28DL Member
Planned an early morning visit to this site with DistortedReality (new member too) to see what we would find. Gaining access was straightforward really.

We entered the Pump House through a side building, unsure what we’d find; plenty of old workbenches, shelves, barrels, paint cans, etc. covered in dust and decay. There was a large vent from a 1st storey level going out through the roof. Going on through a largely empty middle room we found a view up into the tallest part of the building, home to many pigeons. We exited by crawling through a gap underneath the outer wall of the building, this seems to have been used to extract scrap metal, as there was a large length of rope where we crawled.

Internet research: http://www.geograph.org.uk
St Andrew's was the city's main fish dock, between 1883 and its closure in 1975. It is now silted up and overgrown.

Key buildings, including the Lord Line offices, the former Marr and Seafish Industry Authority buildings, and a listed pump house and associated buildings, are set to stay.

Possible future uses and preservation proposals have been mooted. Most recent is its acquisition by East Yorkshire-based Manor Property Group. The company bought the 500,000 sq ft site for an undisclosed fee in 2010, with plans to transform the area.









DistortedReality coming down over some control stations.


Keep exploring. Nite Owl out.