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Report - St Andrews Hospital, Norwich - January 2016


av u seen my marbels
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I decided to have a swing by here as it had been a while... In fact a long long time as I hate the place as it was photos I took here that when I plugged the camera into the computer it killed the computer along with a few years of family, holiday and exploring pictures and it was long before I knew how important it was to back up your files etc etc etc.

I had been past it a good few times while working and knew exactly what was going on with the demo of the site. I also failed another time to get in but was not fussed as I knew I had seen the good bits and they were slowly vanishing.

But I went out with the camera with @clareexplores to have a little look at what was left now that the builders have gone...... Well there is not much too see now.. A long corridor with a few rooms and now way to access the other floors and the morgue is all that remains.

The Norfolk Lunatic Asylum was situated in Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew near Norwich. Opened in April 1814 and closed in 1998 and slowly bit by bit the site has been turned into completely over priced houses on one side of the road and over the other the old tower now just sits all on its own









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Absolutely love the imposing picture of outside of the place. Those yellow painted window frames really add a nice detail in the morgue as well. Thanks for making me feel safe on both explores today!


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nice report man, I know its always expected, but its a shame to see whats happened to this place over the years.

Seeing a report on this place is actually what got me first into urbex, it wasn't even on this site, I don't even know where it was, but i'm sure it was about some fella almost getting caught by security. Seems like such a long time again. It was nice to see it again!

Tawny Fawn

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I went up to have a look at this place last Sunday and was really sad about how much of it has vanished! Nice to see a report on the place before it completely disappears though. Great report!


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only the main building still exists last time i went about a month ago, unfortunately most things around this area get knocked down or vandalized to a point of no recollection.same goes for pinebanks unfortunately i missed that one,if you want then hit me up