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Report - St Ann's Mortuary, London - August 2016


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In the 1890's St Anne's hospital was founded as a fever hospital, consisting of wooden huts. Over the years these were eventually replaced by the buildings seen on the site today. In 1951 it became a general hospital with 756 beds, this number gradually reducing over the years since.

Quite a nice mortuary this one, lots left to see with the fridges intact, body trolley, body lift, one stainless slab (looks like there should be two) and a chapel of rest with a lot of the trimmings remaining. It's hard to get a decent pic of the slab due to the amount of hospital tat discarded in the same room, but its all interesting to see anyway! Not sure when they stopped using the building, but theres a bit of decay and plenty of cobwebs all over the place, so its been fairly untouched for quite a while.








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Gave this a try today and it seems like it's been sealed up again, unless I missed something. Real shame. Been meaning to pay a mortuary a visit for some time now but never manage!

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