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Report - St Athans 'Boys Village', Aberthaw - Aug '10


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I found a few reports on this site and decided to see how the place had faired since. Not good I guess is the answer!

We where lucky enough to arrive and have the entire place to ourself for an hour before it bacame overrun with some teenagers who arrived jam packed in a car. After realising we where no threat they decided to mooch around as loud as they possible could! Nothing worse than gaggling teenage girls! This signalled our exit.

Some history from the web:

Boys Village, St. Athans opened in 1930 as a summer camp for boys from mining communities in the South Wales Valleys. It offered them a place to play and be free, as well as being close to the nearby beach. Over the ages its usage developed (but not necessarily changed) to be used as a training camp for youths and apprenticeships etc as well.

Now a derelict village, demolition work commenced late 2008. Since then several buildings have been removed or cleared including the fire-damaged Sir Maynard Jenour building, which was built in the 1980s, the recreation building and a few residential and administrative buildings. The swimming pool roof which collapsed many years after the site's closure has also been removed from site. Much of the debris that littered the remaining buildings has been cleared, partially by looters and partially by the demolition services.

Despite being derelict, on-site there is no evidence of drug users or homeless persons inhabiting Boys Village. There is however much vandalism from local youths and it is frequented by numerous graffiti artists. Much of the graffiti is in the gym, as the walls are both large and clear, thus acting as perfect canvases for graffiti art.

There are many rumours about Boys Village being haunted or plagued by a troubled past. This is entirely untrue; there were no murders in the church or fires that killed many young boys. Much of this folklore is spread by locals who simply think of explanations to themselves as to why it is left in its derelict condition. The simple answer is, times have change as have social trends regarding holidays. Also, there is a great big power station next to it that obviously wasn't there when it opened.

1) The good old entrance.

2) The chapple in front of a fire damaged (gone!) dorm block

3) Inside the chapple

4) A 70's addition I believe. Lovelly!

5) The kitchens.

6) The swimming pool, which used to be inside a building, or atleast under cover.

7) Yep everywhere! <font size tiny!>in the form of teenagers....</font size tiny!>

8) Staff bungalow, which just looks really wrong!

9) The sports hall.