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Report - St Augustine's Hospital, Chartham - September 2012


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Visited what's left of St Augustine's Hospital, formerly known as East Kent County Asylum, yesterday for a solo explore. Managed to blag a lift off of me ma on the way up, and with her knowing Canterbury and its surrounding areas like the back of her hand, told me that there was none of it left, and that it had been turned into an estate for some time. I knew better (for once) and soon enough took advantage of possibly the easiest access to a site I've been to.

Some history from the ever-reliable wikipedia:

St Augustine’s Hospital (1875–1993) was a psychiatric hospital in Chartham, Kent. It was founded as the second, or East, Kent County Asylum in 1872. In 1948 the hospital became part of the National Health Service and was renamed St Augustine's Hospital. The hospital gained notoriety in the 1970s when it was the subject of a committee of inquiry into malpractice and mismanagement. St Augustine's Hospital closed in 1993 and the site is now occupied by housing, although a few of the original hospital buildings remain.

Originally built to house 870 patients, the hospital gradually expanded and by 1948 had 300 acres, including a farm, and 73 staff residences, as well as new blocks and facilities for patients. Eventually there would be 2,000 patients. The hospital became a self-contained village, with its own farm, workshops, baker, butcher, fire-brigade, church, graveyard, gasworks, cricket team, band, etc. Male patients worked on the farm, while female patients worked in the laundry or as seamstresses.

In 1948 the hospital became part of the newly formed National Health Service (NHS) and was renamed St Augustine's Hospital. Together with St Martin’s Hospital (the former Canterbury borough asylum), St Augustine’s became the responsibility of the Canterbury and Thanet Health Authority.

St Augustine's Hospital was closed in 1993 as part of the community care programme. In 1997 development of the site for housing was begun. A few of the hospital buildings, including the administration block, the water tower, and the chapel, were retained but the rest were demolished. Although Canterbury City Council suggested that "a change of name would help in creating a new sense of identity", the site is known as St Augustine's Estate
I'm doing this from work after going through my pictures last night, just noticed that one or two are a bit wobbly... Definitely intentional :rolleyes:

Some exteriors first:




There were lots of lovely corridors in what was left of the once huge site, but sadly years of neglect has taken its toll on the buildings, former administration buildings I believe, with every window smashed and most ceilings fallen through.




Given the state of the rest of the site, the stairs are still very stable, but the hospital lost its roof many years ago, leaving only a graffited shell remaining in its place.


Whilst on top of here I thought I heard a voice in the wind, but after a bit of patience decided that I was hearing things, and continued on, albeit a bit paranoid.


There are very few artifacts left that provide evidence of the building's former use, although there were a few reminders, such as notes for staff, children's wallpaper, and a destroyed piano.




Just as I was about to get my zoom lens out for a better photo of the above fire hose, I thought I heard voices again, this time louder, and accompanied by footsteps breaking glass. I became very worried about being there solo given the evidence left behind by the sort of people who now use the building, and decided to bail. Put on my solid snake sneaking suit and started to make a move out, only to walk into the line of vision of the very people I was avoiding :S

I had clearly made a good choice, judging by their attire and chav-tastic accents, and judging by the sounds that their bags were making, they were there to paint the walls. Hardly surprising, given the state of the place.

And that was that. Headed for a fail a bit later, but not too bad an explore, got almost the entire site done before I had to bail.

I'm using borders and watermarks now, so apologies if it's not quite right, or the watermark is too big maybe.


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Re: St Augustine's Hospital, Chartham

trashed but still worthwhile mate.
the border frames the pic nicely and at least your watermark is in the corner

and at least you got a chair shot


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Nice one mate very local to us lot and allways nice to see it pop up..didnt manage to see the gym i see,shame you got disturbed tho mate


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We were there earlier in the day mate, shame we didn't meet up, fantastic place is St. Augustines, the peely paint is some of the best I've seen and the light and colours are awesome, done all of it and bumped into the graffers in the hall, left em doing their stuff and carried on with mine, the roof is cool and some nice bits in the basement too.

Nice pics mate, caught it well, really chilled explore. :thumb



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The bits that are left are mainly the schools and accommodation for the boarders etc ..but its still good, it was a psychiatric adolescence unit well the top bit where gym is!


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can't imagine the scale of what it would have been when it first closed down in the 90s, place would have been a huge explore. i spotted the water tower from a way off, turns out it's flats now though :(
They kept the facade(if thats the term) of a lot of it mate


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Kept quite a few buildings from what we saw walking through the estate, always good to see. The remains though are still well worth a trip imo, even if just for the paint, some places just age/decay really well. :)