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Report - St Barts Hospital (Morgue) - Rochester - July 2019


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There's really very little to note about this place as I only did the morgue because of time purposes and having other places to do later in the day, but it closed in 2016 and the decay shows that pretty well, as there's no graffiti inside, but peeling paint in some parts. I don't have any pictures of the body fridges because they're totally empty (not just of bodies, but the trays too ;))
- Before it closed, this was the oldest existing hospital in England by a long way (50 years older than #2).
- The outside of the morgue is pretty nice, though I don't have photos. It's a castle that looks very similar to the entrance to Camelot which apparently would be for nicknames sake, so that doctors could say they would take 'X' to 'The Castle' instead of saying the morgue, so as not to alarm other patients.

So I'd come here a few weeks previously and found it sealed, but was lucky enough to find a relatively easy way in this time, and the place really does look as you'd expect from the photos others have posted.
I really haven't got many photos of this place because there's very little to it apart from a few rooms, but I thought the photos came out decently so here you go ;)

So this is the main attraction for most people. The slab is very interesting and different to any I've come across before, as it spins 360 degrees on its ball head. These windows were nice too because they let in enough light for good photos, but not too much where they glare which was very much appreciated!
You can also see the cabinet on the left where surgical instruments would have gone, and the sink on the right for cleansing.

Me pouring a bottle of unknown liquid down the slab plug hole that we found in the building :rolleyes:
- Note the footsteps on the left hand side that weren't left by us - adds to the overall mood of the site and photo I thought.

This is the chapel of rest where presumably the deceased would be prayed for by either the family or priests? Not an expert on religious matters, but this room did look amazing, and the picture actually doesn't do it justice because it was pitch black in there! 10 second shutter sometimes comes in usefu l:Not Worthy

A wider shot of the room with me in front of the cabinet.

And I'll leave you with this - proof that the slab is very much bent! I wouldn't recommend shooting it head on because of this reason, and besides, angles seem to do better in this place, as the rooms are all so small.


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Nice report ! Was there no security?
I was there yesterday and no security but during daytime the site is filled with workers who leave at 530......not much left in the main building at all as they are stripping the guts from the place rapidly....Many many many other places abandoned in the same area all within 5 to 10 mins walk though..have never seen so many in one small area...churches synagogues as well as georgian manor house, pubs solicitors offices and a brewery....i had fun in the morgue though and i swear governor I did not break in :]

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