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Report - St Botolph's House, London, Apr 2010

kevin arnold

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Visited recently with Za Gringo.

It's not really tall but nicely situated, with a bright blue cladding that some people like and some hate.


I put it on my list after seeing Downfallen's pictures, especially that ace shot of Gherkin. Unfortunately it's located right in front of two busy night clubs and external staircases don't make it any easier.


I had a few reccys/half hearted attempts but somehow never got round to it properly. Until recently, when I realised that there's probably not much time left and it had to be done now.

We had to pass one camera and it was hard to estimate whether we'd be in it's range or not. I hoped we wouldn't but a while later we saw one security rush into his hut and a moment later they were walking around the building as if looking for somebody ha ha ha. We laid in the darkness and waited, Za Gringo wasn't too stressed with the whole situation and fell asleep for a while :D

Finally we reached the roof.


The roof is quite interesting, with a walkway round the edge, step-like beams you can get on, window washing "crane" (you know what I mean...), roofs of adjacent staircases etc. I'm sure there's many opportunities for interesting photos but I was really, really tired that night so I just went for some standard views.





We had no problems on the way out. We still had some spare time so Za Gringo showed me a couple of interesting little places in the area and a bit of railway tresspass took place as well. Unfortunately it all ended in a deeply sad and tragic way as at 6 am I had to leave Za Gringo and go to work. Aarrrgh! ;)

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