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Report - St Botolph's House - London - Dec 2009


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28DL Full Member
Height: 60m
Floors: 14

JackF came up with the idea for doing this place and visited it with Downfallen, theres a few pictures if you know where to look. Given that it wasn't particularly massive it turned out to have a relatively good view of lots of our favourite London buildings, Jack wanted to go back so I went along with him. Annoyingly, on the first two tries the security conditions were far from ideal but on the third attempt everything was right and we went for it.

Jack had been before and knew what the layout was like inside, unfortunately lots had changed including some stairs that were no longer usable. Much hilarity ensued getting to the top and making sure we weren't spotted by crowds of people hanging around outside.

Eventually we got to the top levels and navigated to the roof.

Tower 42:

Willis and LLoyds buildings:

Heron with Christmas cranes:



Panorama, click for bigger:

Despite the fact that it was a bitterly cold night we stayed a good few hours up there before heading out the way we came in. Cheers for looking.

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