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Report - St Brigid's Hospital,Balinasloe, Ireland - Aug 2019


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An unexpected success at probably my favourite asylum I've seen as of yet was a perfect way to finish off day one of our Irish trip.

St Brigid's Hospital

So this report follows on from my first one at this hospital, so I'm gonna leave the history from this one and you can find it here if you desire:

Before we settled down to sleep in the forest beside the asylum, we wandered through the grounds looking at the other buildings, most of which were sealed. Surprisingly, this long two storey facility at the top of the site wasn't, and we were able to slip in before sunset and explore it. The building had a lot of interesting architectural features that reminded me of the original UK asylums that I sadly missed. One weird sighting occured out of the window, when we looked down to see two nuns playing a game of tennis in what was the asylum's car park. I guess there's always something new to see.

Surprisingly, the power worked in almost every room.

To finish off, we discovered rooms stacked full of patient reports, and could have spent hours reading them. It's so interesting that these were left.

Here's the link to our documentary styled video of this site. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration:

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