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Report - St Cadocs Hospital - Caerleon - Wales - Dec 2016


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Thought i would jump on the tour bus with this one being as its quite close to me.

Visited with @Lolly92

Some History

Saint Cadoc's Hospital is located in Caerloen on the northern outskirts of the city of Newport.

The building was designed by Alfred J. Wood FRIBA, London and named after Saint Cadoc. Saint Cadoc's church is located in the town.
The hospital, which opened in 1906 as the Newport Borough Asylum, was built to accommodate up to 350 patients. Extensive outbuildings were later added on the site, but since 2005 the number of residents has been very small with the growing emphasis on care in the community.

St Cadoc's Hospital provides a number of mental health services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Adult Mental Health Services are provided by 11 Community Mental Health Teams and Elderly Mental Health Services provided by 5 multi-disciplinary Community Mental Health Teams




















Thanks for looking​
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Very nice, thanks for the share.


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Ok folks...

First off, can I just say that these are beautiful photographs and whoever took them is a very talented photographer...

Secondly, can I also say that I appreciate VERY much that there was no vandalism or anything of that kind caused, but hey guys, have some respect..

This hospital is NOT closed down, nor is it in the process of "closing down" with "some parts still going"

It is in fact, a working, very busy, NHS hospital, with hundreds of staff, five fully functioning wards, and more than a few patients... In fact, very FAR from closing down, it is in fact, in the process of coming back to life, with sections being renovated and brought back into use on a regular basis.

I am proud to have been associated with this hospital for over 40 years now, and can tell you that "intruders" ARE spotted on a regular basis, and I myself PERSONALLY patrol the interior of the building [including the areas in your photographs] and I know full well when people have been in there!! which is how i found this site!!

Just this afternoon at about 1pm someone was reported to have been taking photos and was lucky not to have been arrested.. Later at about 4-30pm intruders were spotted again... remember trespass might not be a criminal offence, but this is a working hospital which makes it just a wee bit different..

Speaking of wee..Some numptie urinated in a disused toilet a few days ago [was it you!!] and just this afternoon I have had to go and sort the smell out with Domestos lest it pervade the working ward downstairs..

Now, i know you people are interested in PRESERVING "what is left" and taking photos to preserve things for posterity, but this hospital is not closing!!! It is growing!!! Ask yourself why all the new car parks there have been built!!!

So finally, i love the photos, but have some respect, this place is home to a lot of people that are not very well and they deserve a bit of privacy....

Having said all that, if despite the above, anyone DOES visit the hospital, and they DO see any signs of criminal activity, or damage, or anything else that concerns them, PLEASE let them know in the general office, or, if the office is closed, find some members of staff and alert them to your concerns. Even if you do give a false name and then clear off, PLEASE help the staff to keep the hospital a safe place for all concerned.... They will honestly be more than grateful for your assistance..

I have to say, that even though large numbers of "you lot" have been "rummaging around" in the hospital, great respect has been shown for the place, and although I have in the past seen locks "removed" I am so pleased at the respect you have ALL shown for the place, so thank you ALL very much for that!!

Thanks all!!

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Well said John. People having been visiting Cadocs for years but recently its become another urbexer tourist destination and unfortunately with that comes treating it like, well, a tourist destination rather than a working hospital. People need to keep things in perspective. Its not there for people to have a nice day out!


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Already dealt with via PM a week ago, to be fair John has some good points.
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Exactly.. The hospital is NOT "derelict" in the least. I can think of about 3 not very interesting outbuildings that you WOULD have to physically break into, and then there are the old upstairs wards that ARE used, just not for "caring" purposes...

MOST of the upstairs IS used, as is 95% of the downstairs, and more is being brought back into use all the time. I can think of 5 sections that have been brought back into use in the last year.

I have to admit, i do like the photographs that have been taken, and even certain staff members that practically had steam coming out of their ears when shown the photos, said; "Oooh, i like that one!!

BUT, please please have some respect for the place. There are MANY patients there, and they are there because they are very ill, and, they deserve some respect and privacy..

Now, i am not suggesting for one second that anyone has EVER photographed "patient areas", let alone patients or staff, but there are often patients out and about in the hospital, [with or without staff] and they deserve some privacy...

Just remember it could be you or a member of YOUR family..

Most of all though, at the risk of repeating myself, if any of you DO visit, and you see anything there that you think is not "right", suspicious looking persons, signs of criminal activity, vandalism, or anything else that you think needs reporting. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just go to the general office and report what you have seen, or, if the general office is closed, find another office, or a member of staff and tell them of your concerns. They will not be in the least bit interested as to who you are, but VERY grateful for your help.

Remember, the staff love and care for both the patients AND the hospital...

Please help all concerned, to make it, and keep it, a safe place for all concerned...

Thanks everyone!!

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