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Report - St Clements Hospital - Ipswich - October 2014


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St Clements Hospital was built as the Ipswich Corporation Asylum and opened on 2 August 1870, to cater for around 200 patients. Contractual arrangements were made to receive patients from other boroughs and counties, as well as private patients, and the revenue that these two classes of patient brought in paid off the capital outlay on the original buildings. Even in its heyday St Clements was a relatively small institution in comparison to its counterparts. Additions were made to the building over the years to increase the accommodation (eg. A Day Clinic was created in 1960, and a hospital church built in 1962) culminating in the redevelopment of the hospital in 1978.

St Clements closed its doors in late 2011 as a functioning day-to-day hospital however it appears certain administration and IT functions still remain in the building.


Explored with fellow 28DL member robg172, this was a fairly impromptu explore. Whilst being in the area we decided to check it out on without much prior planning or information. After wandering round the site for a bit our luck was in and we managed to take a wander round inside for an hour or so.

An impressive site from the outside, it sadly didn’t quite live up to expectations once inside and was a fairly uninspiring explore by all accounts. It has a strange atmosphere as its pristine inside (as though it closed yesterday) but certain areas are clearly no longer being actively used on a day-to-day basis however other areas are locked off and quite obviously live.

We decided to call it a day when venturing down one set of corridors only to hear someone on the phone in one of the adjoining offices.

Pics are a combination of robg172’s and my own.













As you can see, nothing particularly exciting but as there hasn’t been much posted on this site so it may be of some interest as a bit of an update.

If/when this place fully closes and “maturesâ€￾ a bit though I would definitely fancy another look then.

Hope you enjoyed


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Always the obligatory piano shot, love it! Thanks for the putting the report up buddy :thumb


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Haha. You know me mate. I do love a piano :D
I'm sure one day we'll turn up somewhere and it'll start playing itself...reminds me actually of hitting a few keys on our way out, your face lol.


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Yeh. Maybe one day if some of the outbuildings open up there will be somthinjg good found there
Yeah, it looks like it holds alot of promise of having something really interesting tucked away somewhere but it's not quite "there" yet. Fingers crossed, one day...


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Need to find a morgue :D

Nice one mate, glad someone's been in there recently. Shame i couldn't get in ah well.


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Nice report, I have read a lot about this place and decided not quite derelict enough for me yet. Mind you if there was a morgue id visit :D great pics boys
That's understandable. It's still pretty immaculate, not a sign of even minor derpyness setting in anywhere :(. I'm sure there must be a morgue in there somewhere but must be within the active part of the hospital.

Looks promising for the future. Good work mate :)
nice looking site and shots fella :thumb
Thanks gents :thumb


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As a housing estate :p
We'll it was being renovated a year and a half ago I assume it's all being lived in now :)
@slayaaaa are you getting confused with the London St Clements? We went to the Ipswich one earlier this year remember? Still there but in the process of being stripped out possibly demolished. Could still be there but won't be much to see...