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Report - St Clements Lunatic Asylum - Bow - November 2014

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This building was originally built in 1848-49 as a workhouse, for the Board of Guardians of the City of London Union. It became an infirmary for the same union in 1874, and in 1912 the Bow Institution for the long-term sick. In 1936 it became a psychiatric unit, under the St Clements name again. It became part of the London Hospital in 1968 and went through various organisational changes until closure in 2005. Services were transferred to a new Adult Mental Health Facility at Mile End Hospital in 2005.

This was a fairy easy to access explore, the majority of the site is under construction currently and many rooms are taped off with "Danger Asbestos" signs. The majority of the place is gutted too which was a shame.
So we decided to visit at sundown for the clocktower view, unfortunately I struggled to get many good quality photos due to security constantly doing rounds(we went the day after halloween) and the lighting conditions. The view was awesome though, I wish my photos could do it justice.

Just a tip for any other newbies, take an Asbestos mask with you, we almost didn't take ours and it would have been a big mistake.

Anyway, enjoy!






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Nice one man! Seems you had a good time! Awesome site that wish there was more left as I loved this place. I was looking forward to your pics haha. :thumb


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Shame to see it slowly going. Nice masks ha ha.

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Ofcourse we know it get on our clothes and kit... However clothes and kit can be washed, unlike our lungs, hence the use of masks.

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