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Report - St Clements Psychiatric Hospital - London - April 2014


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Visited this place in December 2013 and once both in April + May 2014. In mid-December when I first checked it out they were having some sort of community gathering in there, so I fell upon many more people than I expected to that day for an abandoned hospital :/. It's closed up again now and one annex of the main structure has been knocked down, looks like the nurses block is being torn down slowly because of asbestos (I assume). Between my last two visits there's been some notable damage to a few buildings.. :/

The buildings were originally built in 1848-49 as a workhouse, for the Board of Guardians of the City of London Union. It became an infirmary for the CLU in 1874, and in 1912 the Bow Institution for the long-term sick. In 1936 it became a psychiatric unit, under the St Clement's name again. It became part of the London Hospital in 1968 and went through various organisational changes until closure in 2005. Services were transferred to a new Adult Mental Health Facility at Mile End Hospital in October 2005.

Main Entrance:


Main structure from behind.


The basement areas were huge and ran underneath several of the buildings, found 2 of these cells, not sure what part of the building's life they were used for.


Also found boxes upon boxes of intricately detailed medical records, oldest one I found was from 1936.


Brain x-rays.


Observation room.


Room covered in murals and writings from younger patients.




A view of the site from the building furthest to the rear, this place is pretty extensive.


Exterior after sunrise.



The Guard Dog

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This place is awesome, thank you for the share :thumb


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Fantastic report and photography…one more place to put on the list..
Thank you. :] There is a digger on-site among other construction vehicles and one annex of the main building is gone. Looking at previous coverage from this place, the interior of the main building has been stripped mostly apart from the main staircase. Even between my last 2 visits there has been some damage caused by other visitors to the portacabins in the courtyard. I would not leave it too long but it's hard to tell really.

I didn't post a picture of the staircase in the main building as it's been covered so much before, but it's quite nice.


Great pictures and a lot of good stuff uncovered there mate.
Cheers, thanks for saying so. :] And to others. A fun place to explore, especially on your own it can be quite spooky :D.



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Loving this mate, brilliant photos and I never came across those cells when I visited, I'd like to see those bad boys. The second photo tops it for me, epic stuff there.... I've been very recently, one large building has been entirely stripped now (all the psychiatric reports are now gone) but some of the smaller outer buildings are now accessible which weren't before, the plant room and workshop amongst others :D


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Cracking photo's. If the walls could talk in places like these.....

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Me and my mates had some real fun here a few months back when there was a free art show going on... Those old basement cells are crazy and really took me aback. What your picture doesn't show is that the flap for, presumably, passing through food to the patient is still fully intact *and* has an etching on it from the not-so-late 1800s...

The place isn't so spectacular internally anymore, but don't miss out on seeing some proper old London at St Clements.


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Yeah I dropped by during that event as well, except I had no idea it was going on. Having worked out a way over a wall beforehand I didn't even go past the front of the site that day where it would have been obvious that the gate was wide open, jumped over said wall and right in front of an older lady who was a little shocked to say the least. :D

Sounds interesting about the cell writing, didn't feel like going in there for some reason! :p

The incinerator and engineering sections of the complex are open now which weren't back then.