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Report - St Crispin's Asylum, Northampton, November 2010

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I know that St. Crispin's has been done a few times. My first explore and report though:

Took a walk around the perimeter, but saw no sign of life inside. I met a guy walking his dog who gave me a brief potted-history of the place and current status. Apparently Taylor-Wimpy Homes are trying to sell the remainder of the place as development is not viable in the current climate. He also reckons that there will be an attempt by local residents to get the place listed once it is sold (can't believe its not already)

Anyway, summoned up the courage to go in (getting in was easy) Took a wander through the cinema? and round the projection room before heading through the shower area (as described by someone else here). Headed off upstairs with a bit of a scramble, but didn't go far as the floor was pretty dodgy.

Clock tower came next which was pretty awesome, though I didn't get up to the bells - my courage failed me once I got above the water tanks, though I will go back and tackle this some time. After coming down from the clock tower (knees shaking) headed for one of the other buildings (wards?) and the three floors. I am saving the basement and tunnels for another time :eek:)

Spent about three hours here in total and didn't see another soul. Will definitely be back to finish it off. Made a schoolboy error and forgot my wide-angle so all pics are with 50mm prime (grrr)

All comments / criticisms more than welcome











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I host on Flickr - will that be a problem?


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I host on Flickr - will that be a problem?
A lot of people use flickr, however you need to read THIS post - because Flickr will spam link your thread to death, and you need to edit the links out.

In the case of the post above - you have linked them wrong anyway.

Read the post I included and give it another go.

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Thanks guys - took a while but all sorted :thumb