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Report - St Crispin's hospital, Northampton ( Jan 2018)


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I know this location had been posted a few times but I thought I'd still post my photos. I don't know much about the location other than it was an asylum that opened around 1870s - 1880s and closed in 1995. A lot of info can be found on the wiki page.

This is my first post so excuse the shoddy photos that were taken on my phone.

I really wanted to climb that clock tower but I couldn't find a viable way up there. I got to the the second floor just fine but beyond that I don't see how it would be possible, and I'd say I'm a fairly confident climber.

Spooky basement but sadly nothing interesting was down there.

Gotta' love the creative graffiti sometimes.

Thanks for reading my post. Like I said, it was my first report so any criticism or advise for next time is more than welcome. And if anyone happens to be in the northamptonshire area let me know, I'd love to explore with a like minded partner.​


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I bet the people who bought one of the flats in the one ward they converted straight away are pissed off about having this wreck sitting here for so long!
They ran straight in and tore it all apart, denying us all a lovely explore, and for what...nothing has changed (for the better) here in years!


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ahhh i miss the days when the clock tower still had the ladder attached.

im also local to northamptonshire so do hit me up if you need any company!


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I was the one who built the fence and pallet to make it up the clock tower, hit me up if you want me to show you! If you don’t believe me I’ve got the video of me making it, I was adamant of getting to the top!