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Report - St. Crispins Hospital, Northampton - Oct 2019


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Hi Kristian here,
i have been exploring since they started demolishing the building but here are some of the shots i managed to get

St Crispin's Hospital
was a large psychiatric facility on the outskirts of Duston village in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England. It was established Northampton Mental Hospital in 1876 and closed in 1995. The site has since been redeveloped for residential use with a small mental health unit still remaining there.
Work started on the hospital in 1873. It was designed by Robert Griffiths using a corridor layout and opened as the Northampton Mental Hospital in 1876. Additional blocks for children with mental health difficulties and for epileptics were completed in 1887. It served as a military hospital during the First World War and after the war it became Northampton Mental Hospital. It had joined the National Health Service in 1948 and two female patient villas were completed in 1954.
The hospital was used as a filming location in the 1977 series of Doctor Who, in a six-part story called The Talons of Weng-Chiang. The mortuary was used to represent a Victorian operating theatre.
Following the introduction of Care in the Community in the early 1980s the hospital went into a period of decline and closed in 1995. The children's block and the superintendents' house were developed by Taylor Wimpey for residential use between 2005 and 2008 and a small area was applied for the construction of Berrywood Hospital, a modern mental health facility.
In August 2014, over 80 Firefighters responded to an emergency call as a large fire broke out. One of the buildings was also seriously damaged in March 2015 after it was set on fire by arsonists.











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Looks like they have been busy there. Do you know if they plan to retain anything, or is it all getting demolished?
Good first report, by the way :thumb

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i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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Normally leave something, clock towers & water towers Ive noticed are usually incorporated into a new build. Would be good to see something to remain

Calamity Jane

i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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I do hope they leave the clock tower as would look brilliant on a new site
Well they did it at St Augustine Chartham in Canterbury & Stone house in Dartford. Though a lot more there was preserved at Stone house. . So fingers crossed, it would look good and its a landmark too.

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