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Took another trip to St crispins hospital. Still active and easy access. Also met a few locals that gave us a chilling story on the history of this place . Burnt down in 1995 and a number of lives lost hear. We always appoach these places with nothing but love and touch nothing.








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28DL Full Member
just abit of additional info....

There's a big movement by the locals as of late to 'Save Crispin's Clocktower', they're campaigning to get it redeveloped and were getting somewhere for a while, they got featured on the local news, even managed to talk to the illusive developers and persuade them to put security there over the easter holidays (which didn't actually happen in the end) and have the clock tower building boarded up.

seems all this was empty promises for the most part, so the place is looking to remain abandoned for the considerable future. however, the eagle eyed locals are getting really quite good at calling the police on just about anyone they see in there (most of them practically overlook the site), so to anyone whos's going, be mindful of the old bill!

hope this helps

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