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Report - St. David's Hotel, Harlech, Wales. Aug '10


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Right! Hello again ladies and gentlefiends!

This is an old explore that I did before Real Life got in the way; I'm so stoked to be getting back on here and stating to get out again.

First up, the history! Source: Wikipedia.

Based on proposals Drawn up in 1907 by George Walton, St. David's Hotel was built in 1910. The Hotel has five storeys and a basement. The height of the Hotel was disguised by having the upper three floors included in a giant mansard with rows of dormers.

In 1922, a devastating fire destroyed the interior of the Hotel, so that Walton's original design commission has been lost. It is unclear from the records how much of the original interior structure has survived. The later, low quality, extensions have diminished the grand aspect of Walton's original structure.

After closing in 2008, the building is now threatened with demolition to make way for a new hotel and holiday apartments. These plans not proceeded beyond the approval stage since demolition approval was granted in 2009.

The hotel has been gutted since closing, and may well fall down before being knocked down. As these pictures where taken last summer, I'd be interested in the state of the place considering the harsh winter.

Anyway, on with the pics

I had to take this one, such an expansive place

"Welcome to Hell!"

As I said, this place has been gutted. I genuinely felt unsafe, but your intrepid photographer pressed on!

The inevitable corridor shot... :Not Worthy

I mean no hyperbole when I say the local council really should do something about this and bill the owners for it

These flowers where just randomly in the middle of the floor. Because of the lighting, it took about 3-4 shots to get this right

Another one that was trial and error; probably my favorite though! :D

We hope you enjoyed your stay at St. David's Hotel, Harlech.

If you'd care to visit again, please follow me. Goodbye now!

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