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Lead or Rumour info - St Davids Shopping Centre - Swansea


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Opened in the 80's largely been vacant since! Now earmarked for demolition.

From the local press:

A FAILING shopping centre in Swansea’s city centre is to be partially demolished.

The St David’s Shopping Centre close to the busy Quadrant Shopping Centre was completed in 1982 but now has more retail units vacant than occupied.

The section of the site to be pulled down is to be turned into a 160-space car park.

Swansea council and the Welsh Government are funding a £3.3m to buy the shopping centre, demolish part of it and build the car park.

Chris Holley, the leader of Swansea council explaining the buy-out and demolition plan said: “The St David’s site has failed and has become an eyesore that’s detrimental to our city centre but we have to consider what can be done in the best interests of city centre traders in the short-term until market conditions improve.

“This is why the plan is to demolish part of the site and construct a car park that will meet the needs of city centre traders and shoppers.

“We’ll continue to keep people informed as the plans progress.â€￾

He added: “We’re doing all we can to improve Swansea’s city centre and this investment alongside the Welsh Government will help boost the area and safeguard jobs during difficult economic times across the UK and beyond.

“It’s also clear the city centre can’t be regenerated without public sector intervention and that purchasing a site like this will help our plans to regenerate the city centre in the long-term with Hammerson, our development partners in the private sector.â€￾

Swansea council has purchased the site thanks to a £1.8m grant from the Welsh Government’s Regeneration Area programme.

The council is also providing £1.8m to secure the site.

A Swansea council spokesman said: “The purchase is part of a major scheme that will see part of the site demolished and construction of new temporary 160-space surface car park to boost city centre footfall and respond to the needs of city centre traders.

“The section of the site earmarked for the car park is predominantly empty and all traders and residents in the area will be kept updated about the plans.

“Proposals for retail development of the site will be considered in the longer term.â€￾


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Yeah heard about this. A certain someone I know works in a shop close by and knows one of the security guards. A few of the small businesses near the centre rent storage space for stock in there. From what I’ve heard the place is largely a tomb inside and is ripe for an explore! Need to get some junkie repellent before I head down there though, a taser in the camera bag should do the trick! :crazy


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st.davids centre is a pityful excuse for a shopping centre. theres cobwebs and shit everywhere! really is an awful place to look at and be