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Report - St Edwards Lunatic Asylum Church


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Many thanks to the new owner for the permission.

After a heads up from RDub, we headed to here to see if the new owner was about and wouldnt mind us taking a few photos.

The old owner wanted to convert the church into appartments but could only get planning permission for a single dwelling hence the sale, the new owner plans to convert it into a house with 2 storeys over most of the place with 3 storeys in parts. He reckons 3-5 years before the project is complete

Bit of History:

Cheddleton is a large village in the Staffordshire Moorlands, near to the town of Leek. It is divided into two distinct communities - the traditional village and the modern Redrow development located at St. Edward's Park, on the grounds of the old St. Edward's Psychiatric Hospital. This extensive site has been redeveloped and many of the old listed hospital buildings have been renovated, including the old hospital water tower, the highest building in the surrounding area, which now serves as an impressive private dwelling. The traditional village is served by a handful of shops, a post office, 3 public houses (the Boat Inn, the Black Lion and the Red Lion) and two churches: St Edward's (Anglican) and St Andrew's (Methodist). The modern development has limited amenities, although there is a Latin American cuisine restaurant, Castro's, situated on the canal side, nearby.

Bit of interesting reading: http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/Memory-Triggered-sale-water-tower-St-Edward-s-Hospital-Cheddleton/story-12579955-detail/story.html

Few photos, wasnt going to bother but I havent put a report up for quite a while





Unfortunately there is no pipes for the organ but still


Thanks for looking xx​


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