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Report - St George crane, London, Jul 2011

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St George crane sits in the grounds of the Battersea Reach development which is a series of apartment buildings overlooking the Thames. Most of the buildings are already inhabited (at least partially), one or two are still under construction. There are two cranes on the site.


I've been aware of St George crane for a long time now... It seemed promising as it overlooks the river but it was also quite exposed so I decided to wait until they erect a building next to it. Then quite frankly I forgot about the place. Recently I was in the area and realised that the crane is still there and it's ready for exploration. I ummed and ahhhed for a while trying to estimate whether the views would be worth the effort. The river in front of the crane bends nicely and the neighbouring blocks of flats look picturesque with their terrace roofs cascading towards the waterfront. But other than that there's not much around.

I decided to give it a go and ended up with 6 pictures... In a while I wanna post a summary report of all the high places I've visited that were "alright" but didn't yield lots of pictures. I've been wondering for a while whether I should pick two best pics from here and stick them in a summary report or is the place worth a report of its own. As you see in the end I went for the second option. The roundabout looks good, the view over the river is great (blue lit terrace roofs!) and the crane itself is of interesting construction (long and wide rear section, photogenic red lights, huge neon letters on the side). Other than that there's not much more to photograph. But a crane on a Saturday night is always good anyway. Pictures:



Wandsworth roundabout​






Thanks for looking


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