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Report - St Georges Asylum - Morpeth - January 2015

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St Georges Asylum - Morpeth

Evening folks, one of my recent explores up north with Borolad, was a nice relaxed wander round once inside and got a few nice photo's on the way round too... We didn't get the whole site covered on this trip as we rolled up fairly late in the day, but we got a decent amount done, skipping ahead to the more interesting bits.

That said, secca did come up close to the building within the perimeter of the green fence to look through windows often, so keep an eye out, and we did find a polystyrene cup filled with coffee, which although was cold hadn't yet had time to evaporate, so someone had been inside very recently, weird!


Only brief, most of us have heard it before!

Originally called the Northumberland County Pauper Lunatic Asylum, St Georges was founded in 1853 and opened its doors in 1859. Architect Henry Welch designed a corridor plan layout. The hospital was built at a cost of £58000 and in the end of its first year, saw 154 patients admitted. The Asylum has stood abandoned since 1995...


Quite a few pictures, starting off in the Main Hall...


Moving up to the Projection Room...


View of the Main Hall from the Projection Room...


Now a couple of the view from the top of the Tower, First one was taken on my Nikon F3 using Agfa ASA 200 Colour Film...


And in the other Direction...


The Unoccupied Ward... Really?


Laundry! It's daft things like this that I love in derps... Although some pikeys gone and nicked the Iron!


Plaque in the Board Room... Reads: 'The equipment in this Conference Suite was kindly purchased by the Women's Royal Voluntary Service May 1989'.


The Blackboard...


Admin, it's not quite Terry' though...



And finally a shot of some baths!


And that's all, cheers for looking as always guys and I know this is nothing new and perhaps a little boring, but I wanted to share my take on the place! :)
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very nice mate :thumb especially as it"s not been seen for a while.

This bloody place has been a royal PITA for me , both times i"ve been it"s been sealed tighter than a Nuns Chuff :banghead with all obvious access points newly sheeted up & active Secca at WTF? time in the morning :)

Hopefully get it done before Demo?


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Yeh looks better then it used to. The Hall has changed massively!! Was are artworkz still on the board?

The Amateur Wanderer

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Cheers Guys!

Acid, Wildboyz, if either of you want details before your visits pm me...

And lol, artworkz mate? :D

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its an awesome place, it took us 5 attempts just to succeed once, secca are on the ball here after someone lead them straight to the last access point.


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Sweet pics mate :)

Was a good laugh...

Still need to sort my pics out from this place!


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failed to get in here last attempt (a good few years ago) might be time to come out of retirement :)

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