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Report - - St Georges Asylum, Stafford | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - St Georges Asylum, Stafford

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There an back again, my journey to Morpeth.
Wraith Baggins

Roadtrips to me are more about the people and I think I like the driving more than the actual exploring....

* 360Miles
* 5 explorers Winch, Hairy, RA, Wraith, Bubblehead and a random
* 1 McDonalds
* 1 Asylum
* 87 x Lost the game
* Zero Bowling alleys
* One Foundry
* One TV Studio
* One Play Station
* 6 hours sleep
* Lots of energy drinks..
* A Barrel of Cunts on the M1


It all started a few days ago when I received a new PM notification, I logged into 28 and was pleased to see that for once it wasn't a message telling me that I had taken amazing photos or that no0b Hairy asking for access details to his own house because he can't find the way in.

It was from young Winch, asking if we wanted to go to St Georges, well it'd be rude not too.

But where/what is St Georges, quickly banging it into the search engine we see that it's an Asylum, in Morpeth!!!

Sounds mint, but where is Morpeth? Here Google Maps came to our aid and it told us that Morpeth is soooo far north that it's not even within zone 6!!!

WOW! It's sure to be grim up north (or so I hear) So I pack my bag with all the warm clothes I can find and sit rocking back and forwards ready to go.

Once Winch turned up and I accepted we were going in the morning I stopped rocking back and forth and commenced drinking beers. At this point in time Winch pointed out that actually the St Georges we were going to was in Stafford and not Morpeth oh well.

After arising at quarter past early o'clock we jumped in the car, we almost made it to the end of the road before Winch remembered that he had forgotten his tripod, quite how he forgot that he didn't have the world's biggest tripod in the car I will never know..

So off we went, about an hour into the trip we were all getting hungry so we stopped at a service station. Those of us in the back had to buy a blanket so we could keep warm, Winch at this point bought some crack so that he would be awake for the entire month. It was some form of caffine in a strip that he would put on his tongue and then never stop talking again. After paying £5.89 for a pork pie we were on the road again, Hairy feeding us Hobknobs and RA asleep..

We arrived in Stafford and parked up, geared up and knocked out St Georges. A nice laid back explore, good access and lots of things to see. Plenty of macro action was going on as well as some macho male posing (or "Getting one for the facebook" as I like to think of it). St Georges exhausted we made our way back to the Winchmobile to continue our onwards quest.

Back at the car we noticed someone (Rooks) seemed to have started a guestbook on the side of Winch's car so we added our names and we were off.

MuckDonalds anyone?

Of course! We are afterall explorers. We typed "resturant" (snigger) into TimTom and we were on our way. "After 100 yards keep going" the little woman in a box would shout at us, and we of course did exactly what she said.

"After 100 yards you have reached your destination".... LIAR!!! We had reached a roundabout. Grr we wanted it to take us to McDonalds not to "within sight of McDonalds". However we decided this was part of McDonalds security policy. Entry to the site was easy and access was pretty much wide open when we arrived (Hairy did make a comment that Palisade fencing would stop all that though, I wonder what their customer care department will make of that suggestion form....). After we banged out £25.50's worth of junk, stolen all their knives and forks and shot straws at the Probie we were almost ready to go.

I rolled up my trouser leg to show the guys that there was a little bit of claret on my leg, only to be rapidly told by Winch to put it away as I was scaring the children.

Upon dropping my trousers in the car park we could all see my knee was in a pretty bad shape with plenty of blood and black stuff for all. "Hospital Wraith" said RA, "OK, I know a great one in Wolvo, the waiting time will be short and I bet there is nobody in A&E at this time of the day" said I...

I think she twigged that it was an abandoned one but it made me chuckle. Off we headed to Wolvo Royal. the car full of laughter as I was putting on my best YamYam accent and explaining to the Southerners why yamyams are so called.

Before we hit the hospital we saw Springfield Brewery, Drove round it, Winch and I hopped over the wall. Waited for RA and Hairy.... Waited some more... Had a look inside then climbed back out only to find them gone... Err...

Drove round a little and found them enjoying a nice stroll by a stream. Hairy commented "Wraith, I think we have found the only nice part of Wolverhampton." I was sure he was right too.

We put "Wolverhapton Royal Hospital" into TomTom and we were off. Now if only we had a regional UE Specific program I am sure that TomTom would have said (in a Dudley accent) "After the 200th abandoned building turn right and the hospital is the sixth abandoned building on the left".

It didn't look right to me when we arrived, turns out TomTom had taken us to the wrong abandoned hospital, we had a nosey round and decided it was a bit too well boarded so off we went to the right one.

Along the way Probie managed to pull a 17year old girl driving a shoebox on wheels, they even took his photo. Got to Wolvo Royal, climbed over the fence and then back out again. Headed off as someone had spotted us and was sitting there watching.

Hitting up the most amazing Sainsbury you have ever seen we banged out the Mortuary (Bakery), Admin (tills) and there was a gated corridor (Sandwich isle that was walled off but had a viewing window for some reason).

Back to the car and a quick call to bubblehead we were off to JN Miller Foundry, banged it out, didn't get AIDs off the needles laying about then it was off to Brum proper.

It was at this day my favourite quote ever came up. "A field isn't a field unless it has a ROC Post in it" (actual fact, it says so on Wiki).

Arrived in Brum shitty centre and we awaited Bubblehead. Sat in the car shooting the breeze and a woman starts trying to park. Much to our amusement because her angle was all wrong and the fact she had both back wheels on the pavement should have indicated to her that she wasn't doing it right. If that didn't show her then the three male explorers actually crying with laughter and me having to open the door to vomit should have shown her... Strangely RA didn't find it that funny and was mostly laughing at me, Winch and the Probie....

Banged out the TV studios, Hairy was sure that every single large door we saw was "the one they brought the boat through"....

Back in the motor, off for some food and then back in the car off to London. By this time Winch was whacked off his head on crack and was talking 90 to the dozen. Abusing every driver we met and inventing new swearwords with every other sentence.

We awoke just before Northampton, an area rife with ROC Posts, the idea of banging one out was flirted round the motor but no one seemed interested until it was suggested that there might be on with an Orlit A and an Orlit B!!!!!!! But no, we still couldn't be bothered.

Onwards (at 102MPH) Winch started to undertake all the sports car drivers out for a slow Sunday evening drive and we spun back into London, onward trips to Basingstoke and Reading were arranged and the fellowship was dissolved.

I will put up some pictures presently.

Thanks to all who were there, to Winch for the "driving", Hairy for being the probie and RA for being RA.

Oh and Hairy.


Main Hall






Stairs outside

Cell door




Chair in pharmacy