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Report - St Georges Hospital - Hornchurch April 2015


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hey guys... long time lurker and explorer never shared... so heres my first report got plenty more to come :)

The Explore:
Explored with a pal, spent alot of time playing cat and mouse, they knew we was there somewhere but were too useless to find us, doesnt mean they dont try and each car has dogs as well.

The History:
St George's Hospital was a hospital on Suttons Lane in Hornchurch in the London Borough of Havering, in northeast London, England.

It opened in 1939 as Suttons Institution and was brought into use during World War II to house airmen at RAF Hornchurch.

In 1948 it was renamed St George's and became part of the NHS

The site has been empty since 2012 and the vacant site transferred into the ownership of NHS Property Services when the company was formed in April 2013.

Plans are in place for a new health centre on site, with the remaining land being converted to housing.

Other Info:
and some of the cameras on site DO work mostly the bubble ones on poles around the perimeter normally facing the fences, they rotate meaning they are never fixed on one line of sight so be sure to check them before you move between areas

The Photos:















Thanks For Looking

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Nice report mate ; (

Although I'd delete the bit when you went and a bit on the access although it's self evident to anyone that goes lol

I recommended this to a couple if friends after I vistas with Slayaàaa but they fell foul of an overly aggressive foreign woman secca who basically awaited my mate and was swinging on his camera if all things. Short story all hell broke loose with the other guards trying to get her off him . They apologised and said she has previous for assaulting trespassers . Police were nearly called by my mate for assault but due to the obvious legalities didn't. The other secca apologised and a complaint made by my mate who contacted the secca head office who again confirmed previous incidents and were aware that further potential assault &/or claims may happen & they ought to sort it out before either someone gets injures or she more than likely gets twatted!