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Lead or Rumour info - St George's Works - Demo team on site

Idle Hands

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28DL Full Member
This isn't really a proper report but in case you're interested I thought I'd post an update on this... the demo team have started at the St George's Works site in Lancaster. I'd been keeping an eye out but it still took me by surprise when I popped down for a look and found them cracking on apace.

If you've been, you'll recognise the Howard Building and what's left of the gas works - this is how it looked a few days ago:


This is what it looked like yesterday:


And here it is today:


The remainder of that, plus the other mills and buildings behind the frontage will be gone pretty soon by the look of it.

The main mill - St George's Works itself, has permission for the left hand third of the building to be demolished to open the site up. That was before the middle section was torched a few months ago. I haven't seen anything that confirms whether it is structurally sound or not, but if that portion is also demolished there's not much point keeping just the right hand end.



Anyway I hope somebody's interested in what's going on. If you want to see it, get in quick! :)​


Oxygen Thief

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Damn, I never went here, in fact never heard of it. Having just read a couple of reports looks like those of us that haven't been have missed a treat.