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Report - St Helens Church Biscathorpe Lincolnshire 16 Jan 2021

Dan Dan The Urbex Man

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Biscathorpe is a deserted medieval village in the River Bain valley. And it is here that you will discover the church. St Helen’s is a stone and brick Gothic building, rebuilt in 1850 and restored in 1913. One of several churches in the area built in the early Victorian period, the pretty church is now sadly in a dilapidated state. It is an unusual blend of both ornate and plain in equal measure.
Open the door and step inside, it's as if time has stood still during a service. Hymn books and bibles with yellow edged pages which you daren't touch in case they fall apart, an old pedal organ still with sheet music propped up, some of the windows sadly have fallen out.
Outside, the churchyard is covered in buttercups but most of the gravestones are buried under vegetation.
The village is mentioned in the 1086 Domesday Book, as Biscopetorp, and prior to the Norman Invasion its Lord was Godric. Post the 1066 invasion Biscathorpe was ‘given’ to the Bishop of Durham. The village now though is very small, in fact too small to be featured on road maps! But there are certainly signs of that greater medieval activity in and around the church, it is ringed with earthworks for example.

Explore: Quite easy to get to with numerous public footpaths surrounding it, sitting next to a holiday cottage with never-ending picturesque views of the rolling countryside. Been here a few times and on my previous visit back in June it was locked up. Not sure whether it's temporary or not but the church itself is suffering from bad water ingress. So may be locked for public safety. Here are the pictures I have from my first ever visit back in January 2021 which just so happens to be my first ever explore. So holds a special place in my heart. I have gone on to explore bigger and better things which will document in future posts for you all to enjoy. For now though enjoy this stunning lonely church.

The gorgeous gothic style clearly visible.



The stunning stained glass windows still hanging in there.

Played many a tune of the years now sits silent

The water ingress clearly visible from the tower



Dan Dan The Urbex Man

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28DL Member
Good to see this one again. Will have to look back on my photos but it seems to be becoming more derelict as of recently.
Yea I love it I've been here 3 times to this church and the house on top of the hill opposite and both have degraded significantly. Like I mentioned the church was locked on my 3rd visit, so might now be too dangerous inside.


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Noted I'm a very thorough guy which has been my downfall on numerous occasions. Haha. Done over 50 locations last year and still have over 700 to do yet so plenty to see. Thanks for your support.
Ha ha you are welcome. It's just if something happens on that day and you have posted you went that day, you just don't want awkward questions. It won't matter with this as it was a year ago. You are most welcome.