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Report - St Helen's Church & Vicarage - Biscathorpe - March 2013


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St Helen’s Church & The Vicarage

I searched but couldn’t find a report on the church with the vicarage, just the church on it’s own which is why I thought no one would mind another St Helen’s report. If I missed one, I do apologise. Please be gentle, this is my first report!

This is a Grade 2 listed Anglican parish church dedicated to St Helen. The church was built in 1847, rebuilt in 1850, and restored in 1913. (Thank you Wikipedia)

I don’t think it will restored again, given its sad state now.

The church, although small, is worth an explore in my opinion if that’s your thing, or you’re in the area.. The vicarage isn’t worth an explore on its own, but if you’re coming to do the church then you might as well hop over to the vicarage too.​

The church itself.










The vicarage









I hope this is ok. Thanks for looking!

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