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Report - St Ita's Hospital aka Portrane Asylum (Ireland, Jan, 2018)


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More Irish tourism, this time St. Ita’s Asylum in Portrane. For background see the previous report by Camera Shy et al https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/st-itas-hospital-portrane-asylum-ireland-july-2016.t106458. This is a large place and not all of it is abandoned - there are apparently still some patients (hence security and cameras) and building work is going on in other sections. We went for a fairly random wander getting into at least three of the main blocks, which is still however only a fraction of the place. So what did we find? Well big rooms - check, long corridors - check, peely paint - double-check, and that’s about it really. It was all very, very empty. There was some hospital furniture behind glass in a locked room on the southern side, but that was all. The fun here was really in the explore, and getting away with it. If going again I would bring a map since phone reception was rather poor, and food - we were only inside for a couple of hrs, but could/should have stayed all day. Visited with junior.

We ended up outside rather than inside the clocktower unfortunately, so that still needs looking at. The pic on the right is one of the smaller towers - nothing in the attic except pigeons.

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Nice little mooch. Did you manage to avoid the security ok? They seem quite on it nowerdays.

We had a tour round last year and got to see some of the highlights. Place really is epic on a stick!