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Lead or Rumour info - St James baths. Doncaster


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suprised that this isn't on here tbh

I have found some info online basically st James baths closed in October 2013 due to structural reasons it's a large leisure centre in the centre of Doncaster. Looks sealed up tight and it's next to the police station and the courts if anybody wants a challenge

It has a large swimming pool and other leisure facilities.

I won't bore you with pictures as there are plenty on google images. And it looks beautiful inside.

I can't find any reports on here or any other urbex site so could be a good first report.

I'm unable to access it's all boarded up so may need a bit of climb splash trapped lol. Even the local yobs haven't found a way in.

It is a grade 2 listed building and requires circa £2m to make safe so don't think it will be done anytime soon

designed as a multi-purpose recreational building to be used year-round, with an entrance for the pool, Turkish and Russian baths and associated areas, and a separate concert entrance for winter events, when the pool hall was floored over, with the provision of a stage and projector room for films, both of which survive; * Intactness: the original mosaic tiling survives throughout, and the primary areas of the Turkish baths suite and pool hall both remain intact, including a pool with square port holes associated with underwater lighting, which was a first in English swimming pool design; * Rarity: The Turkish baths (dry heat), and partially retiled Russian bath (steam) are an increasingly rare example of a common building form, of which only around 20 remain in England. As a suite, it is a good representative example of an inter-war Turkish baths, which though less ornate than Victorian or Edwardian examples, survives largely intact, retaining mosaic floor and wall tiling and original drinking fountain.

More info here:



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Yes it's sealed including the roof, hence no report. Happy to recheck with you if you're up this way though.
I'm now in Chesterfield area unfortunately. Just had a look whilst passing through. It looked very sealed to me. Definately one to keep an eye on though given the rewards that may prevail