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Report - St John Boste Social Club, Kendal, November 2011


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This club has been closed up for a few years now and ive had my eye on goin in for a bit but never got chance, builders have been inside ripping it apart as its being demolished to make was for a new doctors surgery costing £2.5m :eek:

Formerly used by the Dean Gibson School, which states it is 'mostly for catholic children' :gay

A lot of the fittings had already been stripped by the time we got in there but it has a nice vaulted roof and big arched windows which redeemed it a bit.
Whilst we were photographing in the cellar we kept hearing chunks of the demolished parts falling down onto the floor aboove us :eek:
Also as the slate roof had been stripped it was a very damp explore in the pissing down rain...

Here is a link with an external as i didnt grab one, the front extension has now been demolished.

On with the pics-

The Cellar-


These were on a few walls, not sure what they are?-



Windows XP-


Part of the dancefloor/bar-


Same shot, its overexposed but you can see the room better-


Not the greatest explore ever but it led onto this so its all good!

Cheers :D