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Report - St Johns Asylum, Bracebridge - January 2014


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Well time for my first report. Our first site revisited with a camera, use to mountains but monkeying on scaffolding is fun too.
I've only just graduated from a point and shoot so bear with me... these were took on a TZ7 and Nex 6 16-55mm f3.5 kit lens.

Built:1852 on a 120 acer site
Closed Down: 1989
During it working life the 'Lincolnshire County Lunatic Asylum' know last as 'St John's Hospital' sported at least11 names which grew ever more PC with the passing of years. It's seen a number of extensions over the years to increase it capacity (Including the inevitable 1960's beige brick monstrosity) it only ever deviated from its intended purpose during the second world war when it was used as an emergence hospital.
Now it stands derelict while work is slowly carried out to convert it into usable apartments.

I will just mention that they seem to moving on with the renovations faster now.

Shots are hand held as I still need to invest in a tripod.
I found this place quite relaxing until I walked into the children's wing, where I was met with small 'cells' painted in bright primary colours and a stern looking fireman. Certain areas seem relatively well preserved, including a 1st floor bathroom...with intact mirrors!!!
I'll try to get some pics from the top of the water tower on my next visit.








Found these preserved Near the Stage

From the floor abvove you can gain access to the lift shaft and then climb up into the motor/winch housing.

Thanks for looking.
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