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Report - St. Johns Hall, Wolsingham, County Durham


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First report so bare with me.

On a little research, This was one of the estates of the Blackhouse family right up until the 20th Century.
The Daffodils have some significance, Don't pick them!

What went down;
Drove 20minutes to the location, up a long dead end road with several cars which were parked for dog walkers. Made a quick get out of the car as the windows were starting to steam up and didn't want to attract the 'Weird' kind of attention. We parked further away than our legs would have liked. After battling off-road muddy swampy fields we seen her peering through the trees.
Approaching the property there were several outhouse buildings alongside what looked like was once a walled garden, Which was actually well maintained. The building itself can be truly appreciated from the front, looking right over the countryside- Also from within the inside.

Eventually inside the building, The living room and a few other rooms of the house looks somewhat like there has been some work attempted to be carried out but has come to a hault. It has a beautiful fireplace- Which seems a theme in the house, Some of which look like they have been attempted to be covered up. The carpets are something my nana would be proud to have in her home, and quite clean with that. Theres no criminal damage to the property only natural decay, which is not very often to be seen these days. There are 2 random rooms of the house which feel completely out of place. One of which has three shower cubicals and the other a random toilet in the middle of a wall with a window behind it.

The best room probably has to be the kitchen in which it seems to have everything intact and in beautiful condition, I'm not just saying this because i'm a female.
I read from one report that there was a dead barn owl in one of the outhouse buildings, it seemed to have made its way into the house and up the stairs.
My thought is who on earth carried that in the house.

It is easily possible to spend more than an hour or two here. Even though the house is practically empty it just has a great feel about it and still has the original kitchen and natural beauties. And of course, No vandalism.

Explored with @JustCreepin

Me; I wonder how that owl died?
@JustCreepin: Owl'd age?






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Looks like a fucking awesome place!! You got some great pics and the blog you've put up almost puts me there, two things though... Proof read, and Nana wouldn't have them grubby carpets. Think it's great there's no vandalism though, don't see that often!


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Whats the significance of the diffs then


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We didn’t even get up to the place as you could see from the road there was a massive silver fence around it looks amazing too! Ended up doing the hotel but that’s absolutely wrecked
You can't see the hall from the road. Have you got any pictures. I think you've gone to the wrong place.

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