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Report - St Johns Hospital, Chelmsford, July, 2012


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Ok, so it's not a report, as such. I imagine some of you will find this a bit disappointing, as I only explored one building, which I assume was a residential type thing. So here are some pics, I assume we all know the history, been done a few times. The hospital shut down in 2010, as the staff were moved to Broomfield. A lot of babies born there... One being me!

I plan to return, having missed out on the main building. So if anyone fancies it, give me a shout! (Can't shout back, no PMs...)

The human residents have obviously moved out. However, pigeons have replaced them, but judging by the number of dead ones the hospital care isn't as good as it used to be...

Now the photos! Managed to control the amount of fisheye this time...

Thanks for looking.













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