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Report - - St. Johns Lunatic Asylum, Lincoln – Update - Dec 08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - St. Johns Lunatic Asylum, Lincoln – Update - Dec 08

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28DL Full Member
I’ve been living on the doorstep of this place for some time now, but as I and others have previously reported it’s been a bit tricky to explore.
Well, it appears that time is a changing at St. Johns.

Firstly the Security team with dogs seem to have gone. I have been monitoring this for a few weeks now and they definitely don’t appear to be on site anymore.
There is some form of onsite security, but it appears to be a bloke who occasionally walks the perimeter.
I’m not saying that it’s a free for all now, just that it seems to back to the way it was a year or two go.

Secondly, work during the day seems to have come to a complete halt again. Some the scaffolding still remains, but with the housing recession in full swing, the project is probably back on tick over only.

Boards were put up recently on the main road advertising the coming development project, but who knows when even stage one (of the apparent three stages) will be complete.


Quick snap of one of the development signs

Anyway, Sixxfingers and I picked a pleasantly bright day the other week and decided to give this place a thorough going over again and also get some shots using my newish 50mm f1.8 lens.
We also had a night visit recently with some nice results.

I’ve made some effort to try and show at least some stuff that may have not been seen before.


The famous Lincs Shield Corridor – Let’s hope that it gets restored to its former glory


Welcome to the Jungle... Mural


The Cell doors are gone on the Male side of the Asylum


Sixxfingers strikes a pose


Enter at your own risk ;)


This Lock on a Cell Door wouldn't hold many people in


One of the top corridors through broken glass


The Main Hall as seen through the viewing window under the Stage


An original Spyhole on a Cell Door uncovered by someone ripping off the newer panelling


Controls for the Stage lights in the Main Hall


A rare Bed Lamp on a Ward wall.


Dusk over St Johns Water Tower


The often overlooked Grimsby Docks Mural

The Main Stairs lit with tea tree Candles



Thanks to Tunnel Lover for setting this up while we were titting about

Lincoln at night from St Johns Water Tower

Looking North West with Admin below


Looking North East with Belmont Comms Tower in the distance