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Report - St. John's Mental Hospital, Lincolnshire, January 2014

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Although I have reports of our first few explores ready to post I thought I would post our most recent exploration, one which was years in the making (In several senses of the phrase)!

As Lincolnshire explorers, St. John's belonged on a list of sites our group had to visit before we considered ourselves 'proper explorers'. Whilst we completed the others (RAF Stenigot, Nocton Hall/Hospital, Bass Maltings and Rauceby Hospital) in short order St John's always eluded us.

Our first attempt was in August 2012 and was one of the first sites we tackled. We approached it under the poorly advised cover of darkness, which led to a mess of torchlights, PIRs and treading on mice. The lack of vision and our experience made it nigh-impossible to gain entry to the building, and we were defeated.


We took on a scouting mission there in March 2013 and managed to take some external shots before narrowly avoiding security. From there we bided our time until an opportunity presented itself to us.



We went back in late December 2013 and soon enough we found a possible entrance. It was late and we decided to gain entrance in the morning. As we began to leave a series of strange noises rang out in the darkness. The night exploded into nearby cries and yells and we retreated as fast as we could before they caught up with us. Unperturbed we returned in the morning of a New Year and entered the building at last.








Whilst finally accessing the site was rewarding, the onset of construction has stripped much of the character of the building and we were a little disappointed after so much anticipation. We were pleased to have seen the 'main attractions' of the location however, and they made the effort worthwhile. St. John's has definitely been one of the most memorable explores so far.

Completed with Courier and Smagicah.


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