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Report - St Joseph Catholic Church Wigan, (July 15)


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Before we drove to Camelot, we came here first.

October 1870, Father Henry J Lamon (see "St. Joseph's Clergy") was appointed head of the new mission that would soon become the Parish of St. Joseph, Wigan, and it was due to the untiring zeal and great energy of the new Rector that rapid progress was made.
The first service was held on 22nd January, 1871, in a small chapel that formerly belonged to the Primitive Methodist Body, in Caroline Street, but in a very short time the building was found to be too small for the increasing numbers of Catholics living in the surrounding Wallgate area.
Consequently, with the permission of the Right Reverend Doctor O'Reilly, Bishop of Liverpool, Father Lamon purchased some adjoining land to the chapel, at a cost of £500. The old Methodist chapel was then pulled down, and on the site was erected the first church of St. Joseph, which opened in April 1872. This new church was built to accommodate between 500 and 600 worshippers at a cost of £3,000 - a considerable sum at the time.
At a further cost of £5,000, through the support of his faithful parishioners, by 1874, Father Lamon had built the schools at St. Joseph's, which soon had an average attendance of over 800 scholars!
However, it soon became evident that the new church was totally inadequate for the requirements of the district, and steps were taken without delay for the erection of a more extensive building.

(History copied and pasted from @GRONK report)

We parked near by and as we walked up a police car drove past us, possibly checking us out, so we walked past and pretended to walk to town until he was out of site....

Entry was easy, was a little dark and as I didnt know what to expect I was constantly looking for Needles. The church its self has seen better days, it is filled with Pigeon poop, so if you venture there I would advice getting a mask as it can be very toxic. Some of the wood on the upper level is starting to really rot so make sure you watch your feet.


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