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Young O'brien

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28DL Member
I've been previously asking people around the forum to be part of a documentary, which would not show unwanted things like "How illegal it is?" or "Show me how to do it and get locations".

I wanted to go more personally about how people enjoy to be Modern Day Archeologists. After networking for a while with a dozen of explorers, Alan Duggan and Alex Burnell showed their commitment to the project by being serious and professional on this.

In late April, we met and went to explore the famous St Joseph Seminary, a classic, but it fitted perfect to display perfect visuals for the project.

I just wanted to share with you the final piece with great music that will immerse you into the world of Urbex, even for outsiders.


Hope you'll enjoy.


Bally up!
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Not sure how this will sit with everyone here.. Viewing it with a 'non-urbex' head on, I think it's a well edited video mate.


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That was good I enjoyed that . I've met Alex twice when I've been to St joes he knows that place like the back of his hand ..

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