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Report - St Joseph's College - Lancashire June 2013

Will Knot

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It started as a mooch, come stroll, come recon, all alone and not even a tri-pod at hand. However, curiosity got the best of me and upon the ease of access my mission began into the premises.

Unfortunately, I must apologies before I start as the content was brief, due to the ringing of the alarms upon the entrance into the second, main corridor!!! ffs! had to make a quick exit and had to getty the flock out of there!!!

Brief history - St Joseph's College, is a former Roman Catholic seminary, situated at Walthew Park, Upholland, Lancashire. The foundation of the large building was laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The buildings have recently been deconsecrated. Although Upholland flourished until the 1960s, the rapidly changing social climate in that decade led to a sharp drop in enrollment. In the early 1970s, the northern bishops decided to consolidate the activities of Upholland and Ushaw; from 1972 all junior seminarians in the north attended Upholland, and from 1975 all senior seminarians attended Ushaw. However, Upholland continued to suffer a decline in enrollment, and by the 1980s was no longer a traditional seminary but a "boarding school for boys considering a vocation". In 1986 the total number of students was down to 82, of whom only 54 were Church students, and it was no longer viable to educate them on the premises. From 1987 the remaining students attended St. John Rigby College in nearby Orrell for their schooling, an arrangement that continued until the very last of these students left Upholland in 1992.










Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking :thumb If anyone would like to join up for a further expo, please give me the knod. :) Will Knot


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Anything to do with Lancashire history, especially old institutions like this, I find fascinating. I have made a few visits to saint Joseph's college, and the place just excites me. Thanks for keeping the place very much alive, although we know its only a matter of time before we lose this old gem of a building and its wonderful grounds.