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Report - St Joseph's College - Lancashire October 2013

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A bit of history……..
St Joseph's College, Up Holland is a former Roman Catholic seminary, situated at Walthew Park, Lancashire, England. The foundation of the large building was laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The buildings have recently been deconsecrated.

The main Chapel at St Joseph's (referred to by its students as "Upholland") was one of two seminaries serving the north of England. Upholland served the northwest, Ushaw College the northeast. For many years, each institution housed both a junior (minor) and a senior (major) seminary. The junior seminaries provided a secondary education in a semi-monastic environment to boys aged 11–18 who wished to pursue the priesthood, while the senior seminaries trained adult candidates (mostly aged between 18 and 24) in philosophy and theology as they prepared for the priesthood. A detailed account of daily life in the junior seminary at Upholland during the 1960s was published in 2012. This account also explores the reasons why the Church's traditional form of seminary training may have predisposed certain priests to molest children, which was one of the key findings of a major investigation conducted on behalf of bishops into the causes of the sexual abuse crisis within the Catholic Church.

Although Upholland flourished until the 1960s, the rapidly changing social climate in that decade led to a sharp drop in enrolment. In the early 1970s, the northern bishops decided to consolidate the activities of Upholland and Ushaw; from 1972 all junior seminarians in the north attended Upholland, and from 1975 all senior seminarians attended Ushaw. Upholland continued to suffer a decline in enrolment, and by the 1980s was no longer a traditional seminary but a "boarding school for boys considering a vocation". In 1986 the total number of students was down to 82, of whom only 54 were Church students, and it was no longer viable to educate them on the premises. From 1987 the remaining students attended St. John Rigby College in nearby Orrell for their schooling, an arrangement that continued until the very last of these students left Upholland in 1992.

On with the explore……

Okay, this one was not really my shout but “it’s more for the heads up” from my first report on this account back in June, this has been attempted and a few times now with some success. However, ours was not to be…………but what a laugh………with the police, police helicopters and security……..mayhem!! :crazy

Met up with MSP, SAT, Telf1980 and The Kwan for a quiet mooch around the Seminary as I had been some previous knowledge……but now with the added information from another members visit! What could go wrong? :rolleyes:

Happy times, we were in, simple stroll round some of the area’s until we had to pass a PIR………first one thro’ no problem, second one thro’………shit…...off goes the bells. :eek:

No need for the run, we were on camera!!! A slow walk gave ample opportunity to take more pictures and cover some more of the site. Then the helicopter arrived and several, (six in total) police vehicles and more than a dozen uniforms!!!! :(

What now? Well, we kept on going.......then bang…….our time was up! Building stormed with both security and the police……..fair cop, and they were, we walked out and after the small talk, we then all walked away and went home……….thanks guys, what a fantastic day! ;)

Cheers dudes! MSP, SAT, Telf1980 and The Kwan for a brilliant explore……….until next time???? :thumb














Once again, a great big thanks to the guys..........hope you enjoyed, thanks for looking :thumb

Take care, Will Knot :D