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Report - st joseph's orphanage preston.. part 2 - August 2013.


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I first went to st joey's a few weeks ago and didn't manage to get round all of it, so Visited for the second time with MSP and his young son Ellis, We were in there about four hours young Ellis did really well, he didn't get bored much and wasn't afraid to open doors and go into a dark room on his own etc. :eek:

It's always good to meet up with MSP as he's a great lad and as reliable as a wood burning stove, when he says he's playing out he sticks to his word.

It was bloody funny when the time came to exit the building, all day from various windows we had seen a big group of emo's outside, they were trying their hardest to get in (big fail) anyway's they saw me leaving the exit point and came running over asking the most stupid questions I'd ever heard, when we left the area they were already on their way in one by one, I just hope they didn't smash anything up or set the place on fire.

on with the history..

St Joseph's was opened in 1872 as a refuge for catholic girls in the city centre of Preston, Lancashire. The orphanage is tucked away in the backstreets of the busy town centre and was run by the Sisters of Charity for our Lady Mother of Mercy.

The site closed as an orphanage in 1954 and was more recently use as a convalescent home with an onsite hospital including two operating theatres. Despite having received a Grade II listing, property developers are seeking to 'redevelop' the entire complex by demolishing most of the standing buildings which would to be replaced with high rise apartments.

Religious paraphernalia clutters storage rooms along with ancient medical equipment and discarded personal belongings. Years of abandonment and decay have settled into the building's aged walls, the chapel however seems oblivious to the fragility and decay that has crept into the buildings that surround it.

Some areas of the hospital appeared to be 'un-touched' by vandals and urban explorers alike. The buildings showed no obvious signs of human presence other than abandoned souvenirs brought back from various pilgrimages around the world. Old musty boxes left behind in the basements are filled with rosary beads and little plastic Madonna bottles that have become congealed with their own rancid holy water.

The small trinkets are a reminder of the faded popularity that was once commandeered by Catholicism, after all what serious catholic would leave behind a full set of Jesus trading cards!



ceiling of decay

MSP and Ellis



The deathray

Sit down and tell me about your mother

xray machine



I couldn't resist doing this with tea lights, but only had enough to do 28:(


Thanks for looking..