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Report - St Joseph's seminary, Upholland - July 2019


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last week I met two fellow explorers who were not only great guys but also knew their stuff. We ended up trying a site earlier on in the day but that came to an end, so like all good explorers they decided to have this place as a plan B. it didn't disappoint....

St Joseph’s Seminary at Upholland opened in 1883, the first phase was built to a design by James O’Bryne. Set amongst a backdrop of copse and wildwood amidst gently sloping fields, the buildings are flanked with rough-hewn stone. An upper and lower lake are separated by a gentle and soothing waterfall. The 150 acres of land the seminary is built upon had been purchased at auction in 1877. The grandeur of the chapels, meeting rooms, fixtures and fittings was unbelievable.
The seminary was closed during WW1 and reopened in 1919 along with a junior seminary. The second phase of construction commenced in 1923. The design was in a different style to the original buildings, however it was equally as grand. Landscaped gardens and sports facilities were also completed by 1927. A new chapel was added in 1930 along with 14 sub chapels. The final addition to the site was a science block.




and after a few minutes of weighing everything up, we were in. The first thing was this industrial laundrette which was the start of an epic day of exploring this place

up into the main building, were these victorian living rooms

some still had the old victorian beds in.

the way to the library


one of many epic gothic style corridors.



the top floor living quarters which i reckon would of housed the training priests.



a few corridors later....

the best part of the day....

this was the sign that someone, somewhere was happy to see us!



some kind of victorian science classroom

speaking of classrooms

Geography lessons?

so much to see, but wee were dehydrated by this point so it was time to call it a day!

I would like to thank the two other explorers for this one. you know who you are!

until next time!



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Looks amazing, some great photos. Looking forward to going here myself soon. it would be my first time


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28DL Full Member
Nice report seems to be getting a lot of traffic at the moment.
i think its because a few people have figured it out, although secca still seems very active it's still possible.


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I have only just realised I was one of the guys you met up with that day lol. the shot in the church looking at the alter made me realise. great shots mate. I need to use the 50mm more I think!

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