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Report - St Joseph's Seminary, Upholland, Merseyside 0115


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You've all seen the history dozens of times before and I refuse to copy/paste from wikipedia! So to avoid verbatum I am presenting some words of my own!
It is a huge and fascinating place! Unlike most that I have explored, this one showed no signs of major vandalism or copper thieves! But it was rotting in places; some sections of the roof had fallen right into rooms leaving a big hole in the wall and exposing the rooms to the elements. It was a cold day but we kept warm by moving around. Four hours later we were still there and there was still lots to see! But with daylight fading, we decided to call it a day. And what a day it was!
I went with MP and SB, we covered all the rooms we had planned so everything else was a nice surprise; a Prison cell? An Iron numbchuck? Awesome fireplaces? I've tried hard to post differing shots from other explores and hope that you like them!

Come this way!


Linen press!

Kitchen! The adjacent room had a table laid out. Freaky!

The Cell - it even had a sliding peephole. Talk about strange placement!


Fireplace! Lower staff had boring electric ones.

Staircase! I lost the other two around here and got a bit concerned for a while.


Dorm area - just a curtain!

Longer view dorm.

Playing with your organ gets you a night in the cell!

Old video projector!

I found a way up! Win! Obligatory shot!

One third of the building, to give you an idea of the size!

Random prayer area!


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Some nice shots there....no mention of the alarm though?

A quick note about the 'cell', it has nothing to do with the original building, or anything to do with students being locked up, it was made for some film that was made there a few years ago.


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Cell built for films? That's a relief! No alarms while we were there!


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Some really interesting shots there job well done..


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I like the way you move your watermarks, to the darkest spot on the pics. It's a big bugger ain't it. :thumb


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the ? was actually unintended, it just came out that way.

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