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Report - St Josephs Seminary - Wigan - 7/12/08


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LOL was just about to ask if you lot met inside! Is ALL of that in 2nd pic part of the sem? thought it was maybe just a part of it that was empty, not the lot!

I wouldn't want to see 185 exploreres descending on poor sec bloke in his car though, reckon he'll change his welcoming tone when half the forum descends on it, so don't!


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The whole lot is empty mate! Beautiful building, and yeah, apparently userscott, rooks dsankt, and i think rigsby went in at around the same time as us in the morning! few hours later we bumped into each other after getting voices confused with different floors LOL


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when we were there there were loads of peopel about. One group were shooting a ameture looking video and then on our way out an older couple were heading in a for a look... but remember its totaly secret this place!! shussh!!


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The guard didn't say a thing to us about not posting photos on the internet. For those people who don't want to break into a sweat, I think this is one of the most sensible things St. Joe's could have done because it prevents people making new ways in.

I don't want to hear any crap either about the fella losing his job because it's his choice to let people in. If he was that worried, he wouldn't do it.

But yeah Speed is right, this is a secret location only known by the daring few who are part of an underground hobby known as Urban Exploring (but don't tell anyone I told you that because it's shhhhh)

I've said to much already. Burn your computer after reading this;)


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28DL Full Member
Nice report! St Joes is awesome. Ive been 2 times but i doubt i'd go again. I heard the sinks were locked away. As is the library now. Your right, both times i've been i've bumped into other explorers and other randomers. People actually walking their dogs about inside. Last visit loads of scouse chavs were inside with a canny big looking dog. They started wrecking the place so we hid down the crypt.


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28DL Full Member
...according to the guard himself he has been given express permission to allow suitable interested parties inside of the building, at his discretion, to protect the building from the "persisted attacks of smashed windows, bent window frames and drainpipes being pulled of the wall.". Phone calls to his supervisor or firm will only confirm this stance, as I proved by going to the men themselves rather than e-discussion..
How very sensible - would be good if more places adopted this approach. :thumb


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28DL Full Member
ah THOSE sinks.

what crap was this? merely saying don't want to see another high royds, with every weekend literally 50+ explorers hitting the place and it being a full on tourist destination. although in the end didn't do no harm.

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