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Report - St Josephs Seminary - Wigan - March 25th 2016

Tom Explores

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Hello again guys, time for my second report, or as I like to say 'story' about my visit today at St Josephs Seminar. This was my third time Urbexing and my first real big hitter, I had only done a small secluded mansion and a un-guarded house which took around 15 mins.

The scale of this place is absolutely 'Frigging' huge and I could easily spend all day getting lost in this place, in fact that was the plan, until as the title suggests. The police came and ruined it, although I wont complain as I got in, which was enough to satisfy me, and had an awesome time doing so.

Now I prefer not to research the history, or the way in, or see too many videos of the places I go to explore. Enough to get my super hyped for the explore and that's enough. I prefer to explore it and find stuff for myself as well as make my own assumptions on what happened to the place. And I'm sure a lot of you know the history of it already and if not you can always google it. :)

My assumptions were that this used to be a very posh boarding school for religious boys. Judging from the huge chapel and the science labs that we saw. As for what happened I have no idea other than boarding schools like this just aren't really around these days.

Me and 'Left4Decay' decided to head over to Wigan for our biggest explore yet. We set off around 11:15 and were there for 11:45. We parked up on the main road round the front and walked up along the side path. We saw a small part of the barbed fence had fallen but due to dog walkers in front we walked on further. Once getting to the top of the road their appeared to be at least 3 abandoned houses all boarded up with no way in other than breaking and entering. There were also multiple more houses but I'm not sure if they were abandoned or not. I noticed if we snook through the side of those terrible fences which sit in those block type things then we could just walk down a public looking footpath. After walking for a minute or so we spotted the building and we got mega hyped, then we saw the secca box. With it being a bank holiday we were hoping they wouldn't be around or at least on alert. We walked on round the back of the building. We tried to stay on the footpath as it looked very public accessible and lead right past everything anyway. Here are a few pics from the outside at the rear:




There seemed to be plenty of security camera's but their was no where we could even get within reasonable distance without being exposed to them, and being on the footpath we weren't all too bothered about being seen. Therefore we pressed on, we walked back from the chapel onto the footpath leading further round the back rather than the one heading right up to the main buildings.

Once we got round the far side of the building we noticed a person and our hearts skipped a beat until we saw he was holding an expensive looking camera so we carried on walking round towards them. It was a youngish fella and a very youngish looking girl who were both very sound and there for the exact same reason. We discussed about ways in and neither of us had spotted anything yet. We looked around the overgrown garages as seen here:



I then took some pictures of the building from where we were stood:



*EDIT : [Access info removed] We pressed on after being told their was no security. So we did what anyone else would do and walk up to the security cabin to say hi. Prepare for the worlds worst picture... (nice shoes and chocolate by the way you fat fucker)


We did a full loop of the building and saw the awesome pond at the front and continued to circle round. Almost all the way round we found an entrance which I don't think you lot are too fond of me disclosing those details (especially considering one of the people who escorted us off is an urbexer himself and works there alongside the security, and happens to be a member on here). We walked back round to where we met the other two to let them know of the way in, being the kind people we are. They had disappeared but we bumped into 5 middle aged gentleman who were kitted up to the brim with cameras, bags, and tripods. We spoke to them and they told us they just saw the other two who promised to tell us if they find a way in, *EDIT:[Access Info removed] The gentleman were a bit cautious of us at first, we told them of the way in but they decided to do a full walk round first. We then tried to get in the same way as the others . We walked back round to the entrance we found earlier to find the 5 other lads there. EDIT: [Acess discussion removed] Someone had snook in? Anyway we slowly made our way in, me and left4decay went in along with one of the others. It was an awesome science lab. I took a few pics for you guys:




Knowing their are motion sensor alarms on the bottom floor we decided to let the others wait outside whilst we checked a bit out so their wasn't 7 large lads squeezing out the building with a deafening siren going off. Walking out of the first room we came into a small lab storage room:


I loved this glass cabinet here, not a sign of damage on the glass which is very rare as you all know...




Now I hope you're sitting comfortably as this is where it becomes interesting. Noticing that the alarm didn't go off the others slowly started entering, two lads got through into the lab, just as the second got in, a car pulled up. We imagined it was security, so the two on the outside ran but seamed to give up nearby. The security walked right by the room we were in. He started speaking to the other two. We tried to listen in, being as quiet as possible. We heard 'police' and 'coming' so we got a little bit on edge but we were still reasonably relaxed. We waited a while and thought we may as well explore a little more quietly... Therefore we went the opposite way down the corridor which had a small courtyard on one side, and some rooms, stairs and another corridor leading from it. Here are the rooms:






Their were some stairs I decided not to go up as I wanted to finish exploring the downstairs and was really on edge because of the security. Was still deciding to run before the police got there or just wait it out and assume they were bluffing. So instead we followed the other corridor which lead to the best room we saw...









At the end of this we then found a red door which seamed to lead to some sort of open corridor which looked awesome, however had sensors all over the place and knowing security was just outside speaking to the others I didn't want to go further and set off the alarms...


We then headed back to where we got in to see the other lads and see what was going on. As we got there they told us they were going to try and get out, so out goes one. "Oh hi officer" "what's your name, address, date of birth and contact number". Poo... The popo had actually come. So we all climbed out, they took our details and rounded us up in a circle to which I was asked to turn my gopro off. Seeing as they were so calm and at ease I turned it off, had they been on edge and looked like they wanted to be difficult I would have kept it on. They gave us a long talk about safety and why we weren't allowed in, followed by a chat with the 'security' who wasn't security but was involved in the upkeep of the building of some sort who was also indeed extremely sound. He happened to be an urbexer and told us he had the exact same chat from the police last weekend just at a different place. He showed us his photos from inside the place and then let us on our way after we had a few jokes and a short chat. We were escorted by him down the main front drive to get out, and the police just stayed behind and chilled. We then found out we didn't set off the motion sensors, it was a sensor on floor two. We kept our mouths shut just for the sake of the other two who clearly set it off (you're welcome). At which point the security guard comes walking up the drive and shouts come on move it, get out of here. Well done at keeping to the usual security name and being a wannabe policeman, idiot.

Picture of popo thanks to left4decay...


There you have it guys, the explore took from around 12:00 until 3PM so a total of 3 hours. To me it was well worth the short journey and my time to get into my first big explore and now I'm just more hungry for more explores. Props to the guy who came over for being incredibly sound and respectful, I hope no one else waste's your time (that's a lie I hope everyone gets a chance to explore the entire building even if it wastes your time :D), and good luck for your next explores and your photography at 3 sisters race track. Props to the police for your work, the talk made me not want to risk going back a lot more than a fine or anything like that would do. As for the security guard, jog on you bell.

Things everyone should know if visiting st Joe's-

This building is extremely dangerous in parts
Access is incredibly hard but incredibly possible
Security are on site
Police will be called
It does have a lot of asbestos in places (apparently)

And for the two we met at the beginning, I hope you got some good pictures be sure to share them, and damn you for getting us caught and not telling us how you got in...

As for the 5 men we were with, thanks for not killing us and robbing us, and hope you had a safe travel home. Thanks for the suggestions of other places. If you're reading this let me know :)

Follow me in instagram for more @tomo_francis
and the real photograher @left4decay


I've edited out numerous bit's regarding access and security etc

Just be careful what you post on a publicly viewable forum, the people who look after this site monitor the forums

Tom Explores

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28DL Full Member
Nice to see some fuckwit has smashed all the sinks…good explore and report all the same.
I kind of want to know how they managed it, security was so tight. It's not worth travelling far for but if you're bearby may aswell give it a go. Thanks for your kind words


Staff member
It's a good effort actually and not a bad report, thanks for sharing

Security and Police are an occupational hazard unfortunately in this game, that much I wouldn't worry about

As for some of the edits within the stuff you posted, just give it some thought what you post in the future :thumb

Tom Explores

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It's a good effort actually and not a bad report, thanks for sharing

Security and Police are an occupational hazard unfortunately in this game, that much I wouldn't worry about

As for some of the edits within the stuff you posted, just give it some thought what you post in the future :thumb
Thanks for the kind words, i see it more as telling a story than a report. And will do brother, should have another one up shortly

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