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Report - St Margaret of Antioch School (Liverpool, Nov, 2017)


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The St Margaret of Antioch School was built in 1888 and closed in 2010. About half of it was converted into flats, with the remainder remaining empty and partly derelict; this is the section that was explored. It is not a large place, just a spacious hall on the first floor and a few more rooms. The sound track was provided by a Pentecostal Christian Church close by, where the preacher was belting out repent-sinners-let-Jesus-into-your-life type exhortations over a loud PA system. As usual photos tend to sanitise places like these, particularly on a nice sunny day - its really quite grotty although not much vandalised and no graffiti.

Front door inside and out.

Collapsed portion at one end.

A selection of wallpaper from various rooms.

Tombola bingo cards with peculiar aphorisms, along with other things on the floor of a small room, probably dating to the 1950s.

Presumably the main school hall.

View of the spire of the Deaf and Dumb Institute across the road.

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