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Report - St. Margaret’s Deep Shelter – June 2009


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Visited this site a while back with Frosty and a couple of friends.

Ive been to this site so many times now and it never gets boring. Easy access and a nice condition deep shelter.

now on with the report...

The 5.5" gun battery is situated east of St Margarets, Dover.
An underground deep shelter is still present to date but all above ground has gone.
It was constructed during WW2 but unlined parts show that it may not have been completed.
The main entrances are located in nearby gardens and have been sealed meaning the only access is through an entrance situated at the edge of the cliff meaning this site may soon be lost due to errosion of the cliffs. After getting through the entrance and down a steep slope you get to the end of the unlined section of tunnels. The main section is in a good conditions and consists of to parallel tunnels connected by a number of smaller spur tunnels.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the tunnels








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