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Report - - St Margarets Birmingham by Night.... PICTURES | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - St Margarets Birmingham by Night.... PICTURES

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Pure bellend
28DL Full Member
So, tonight to kill a few hours, me,dweeb and a couple of mates went over to take some nice relaxed pictures over at st maggies...

Little did we know, that security are back, and not occupy a large compound to one side of the main hall...

It wasnt too much of a problem, but this place is on seriously borrowed time, if you still havent seen it, its probably worth making the extra effort, cant see it being there for too much longer...

few pics (sorry, bit blurry...taken on 1600 ISO by mistake.., and was so cold my eyes were freezing over)


Great Barr Hall


location of Security


Clock Tower


View over clock tower and main hall block, over the B'ham skyline...

Turk ;)